Changes In Shopping Habits Has Raised Expenditure

The strange thing about the recent two year lockdowns in most of the world, it has completely revised our shoppng habits and the way we look at clothing and gift buying in general.  We had to rely on delivery companies if we were unable to visit the shops in person.  This caused major disruption to our mindset – instead of being able to loook for the gifts we needed for family and friends, we had to rely on a catalogue on online site and just trust something would fit, or would suit the purpose.   Our usual mthod is to visit a store, or community outlet and be able to look at and touch items we spot.  Just changing our habits has meant a difference to our high streets too, they now cater for an older, less tech involved society.  Online shopping has become the major strength for our retailers –  it has boostede our economy by £billions on the taxes payable by the traders.