Choosing Quality Gifts That Retain Their Value

Pretty bling is how some of my partner’s current selection of jewellery would safely be described.  The costume pieces that I lovingly grabbed as gfts for her from various relative when offered seem rather tawdry and old fashioned now but looking at some of the magazines, there are a few pieces in my box that wouldn’t look out of place on any of the gaunt, miserable looking models that adorn the glossies.  Funny how our tastes change – well, not all.  The love of my life has always wanted a single diamond necklace – similar to one a very good pal of ours already has.  This particular one came from Tiffanys in NY.  As did her solitaire diamond on a platinum band with its matching plain wedding ring.  These quality gifts could never be considered baubles or costume jewels.  They are elegant and will continue to rise in value for time in eternity.  Pretty gifts frm a reputable site will always be appreciated – the joy of having time to research, source and decide is so much nicer when online!