Coaching Inn Turns Into Antique Heaven

On a recent jaunt to stay with relatives I was taken out to one of the strangest and fascinating antique, second hand, retro emporiums I have ever set eyes on.  It’s set out in the middle of nowhwere in what used to be a very substantial staging post inn.  From the outside it gives all the appearance of having life and beds ready for the weary traveller, stabling for his horses and it generally does well to keep the air of country elegance.  When you get inside however, nothing could be more of a shock.  There are hundreds of little rooms settings, some with dealers sat aside, with their wares ready for the onslaught of customers.  I saw the most amazing range of products too.  From retro jewelery, genuine vintage clothes, some with pics of the original owners.  The arts and crafts stained glass windows and kitchenalia caught my eye – such beauty and many original pieces.