Declutter & Learn To Shop More Carefully

I have a large house, for one person, and as a consequence, I tend to fill it up with too many purchases throughout the year.  Have an empty double fitted wardrobe or cupboard . . . .  fill it with charity shop and other bargains.  But enough.  But lately I’ve been over whelmed by it all.   Knowing that something was up, my son decided to stay over for an impromptu ‘let’s back on track’ session.  It was a truly excellent experience as did a wardrobe and cupboard cull.   We emptied each wardrobe, section by section, onto the bed and without any sentimentality, I was asked to keep / sell / charity shop / bin every article displayed by the patient son.  All pretty exhausting  – the clearing up afterwards  is very tiring and a shock to the system that so much stuff I’d hung on to ‘just in case’ was not going where it has belonged for years.  However it was a wonderful declutter of my physical space as well as my mental one.    I now have a good idea of what is missing from my capsule wardrobe and I also know that if I look online, I will only source those and not get side tracked and temped by other peripherals!