Downsizing’s OK But Thrill Of Buying Goes Out The Window

When the summer comes there is always a temptation to get out to the stores and just spend.  Is it the sun gets to us, that is possible but debateable.  The lovely summer sunshine does encourage more of us to spontaneously buy summer weight clothing, without the bother of going through the wardrobe to dispense with the hundreds of things we alread have but have  not worn for six or twelve months.  I know this is definitly the secret to harmonious bedrooms.  When one partiy is blissfully happy with her life then goes upstairs and starts messing about with the clothing of a sister or mother, or wife, there can be strike and all hell to pay.  Although a person doesn’t always want to wear a particular outfit they don’t want anyone else t enjoy wearing it either.  Going out and buying brand new can challenge the wallet but judicious spending within budget does at least help the country!