Joyful Changing Room Challenge Gone Forever

One of the many changes to our retail shopping habits that has accidentally come about is the absence of changing rooms and the chance to try on clothes.   Those gorgeous new season creations we see displayed so carefully and prominently in the front of stores – we used to be able to select four or five garments and trot off to the changing rooms for a good old try on.   We can only look at a garment, preferably without touching it . . . and in most shops if we look like we’re about to slip that jacket on for size, the assistant comes racing over to politely ask us not to.  We can buy anything we like and return it for exchange or refund.  This is pretty inconvenient.  I don’t mind in a charity shop as the outlay isn’t much and taking them back is easy.   The days of having no retail shops is rapidly arriving – they’re just there to display the goods, free collection and return of online orders.    Such a shame.