Losing Plastic Slips & Wrappings

There is a most definite move away from unecessary plastics these days and it’s not surprising.  The very alarming documentaries make you realise just how fragile our environment.  Now we are faced with pictures of the vast oceans of plastic washing up on shores, we are having to look seriously at our rediculous reliance on plastic.  But it has become such a massive global player in the world of employment and industrialising third world countries.   Backing off from using it can’t be done overnight.  I do find myself looking at how things are wrapped – some stores are removing plastic from cartons – I had a very beautiful set of bath luxuries nearl come a cropper last week as the plastic that would have secured them in the box was no longer and the bottles fell out onto my stone floor.  No breakages this time, but hey.  Laundry items need not be packed in cellophane any more – back to paper covers.  So many things to get our planet back to being gorgeous.