Online Gocery Shopping With US Differences

I was on holiday with family in the States recently and we discovered a new line in online shopping which was just as effective as the one we use here for groceries.  There is one store in particular that you register with – place your order and my word, there are simply hundreds of pages of goods – be warned, not for the faint hearted!  I watched as my daughter in law deftly whizzed through her regulars list – of course, it records stuff you order more than once and in the search you put but and up comes butter etc.  Jui selects the most amazing array of juices I’ve ever seen.  It sounds like a shopper’s nightmare but once you have your own trimmed down ‘must buy’ list, it’s easy peasy.  What differed from home is that instead of the store bringing it to you, you book a collection time and go to them.  All checked in with pin code on phone and out rush the attendants with trolley loads of packed goods – they fill the car boot and secure it all before you drive off.