Painful Shopping Error When Top Brass Leave Town

We have the unenviable predicament of two very big family celebrations occuring the same weekend.  One is a massive birthday and the other is an equally huge wedding anniversary.  At once time I could go to the high street in my local town and take my pick of the selection of department stores.  Two of those were small independent family retailers who had very successfully traded for over 40 years each.  For some reason they suddely put up the ‘selling everthing’ signs with very litle notice to us all.  It was completey out of the blue for most of the residents for miles around with only the latter shop staff and financial houses in the know.  It totally knocked the stuffing out of many folk in the town, including me.  I have certainly not only not recovered that loss but I have seriously felt their disppearance diminishing me as a provider of extra-ordinariily fantasatic gifts for the recipients home, car, offce.   I have to google-search whatever scheme I’m looking out for and trust that a local store sees ad promotes whatever I seek offline.