Reappraising The Hi End Retail Need

A pal and I took a trip out to our local lake side shopping development recently.   It surprised us to see many stores that have chosen not to re-open when they could after the months of lockdown which halted their spring into summer programme.  It has been such an enormous task to try and keep up morale amongst dwindling work forces.  There were some very big names who have obviously not restocked and in fact have emptied their units.  This is such a pity, especially when the government has been begging parent companies to not lay people off and have offered longer furloughing funding.  Our high streets and shopping malls have always been wonderful garish and bright – bustling with life.  We so need that energy amongst shoppers to bring back the vibrancy.  Some of the higher end clothes stores had queues outside, respecting the need for social distancing.  It highlights how essential the online shopping industry has now become – so easy and convenient.