Reviving The Art Of Ultra Colourful Clothing

Whilst I was staying out in a hot isle in the Med with my dear old work colleague pal, we were buzzing about on various excursions.  We were looking in the very expensive gallery style shops in the local brand new shopping mall.  Whooh, they have a mass of money to splash out on the most fabulous marble effect shop fronts and floors – glass and chrome cathedrals to the fashion world.  Once we’d done the tour of both floors, top to bottom  and lengh to length, we decided to call it a day and pop in to the local Revival store.   Folk bring in their out grown designer dresses and outfits, and the shop owner offers to buy them, or not, with prices that seem so cheap.  The vast rails of dresses, tops, skirts, trousers etc. in every colour imaginable is such a treat for the eyes.  It’s mesmerising in fact!