The Black Tie Do A Doddle These Days

Sometimes we get invited to an evening out with friends who just seem to always know what to wear and have an extensive wardrobe.   It’s so easy now to order exactly the right combination of dress and jacket or tuxedo and dicky tie.   However, in these also enlightened days – not so much store is set by the exact correctness of one’s tie or colour of shoes with trousers.  I remember years ago when my parents were due to attend a seriously posh ‘black tie’ do, they were sorted ok as they’d had to attend these twice a year for some time and had everything set aside in the spare wardrobe.  However, a new young colleague of Dad’s was very agitated about going and was constantly biting his nails at the thought of being seen with a young wife who was not cutting the mustard as it were – due mainly to their lack of social experience and a massive gap in their spending ability.  However, all was not lost – my mother came to the rescue for young Mitty – one of her slightly older, more snug dresses was carefully unpicked and reshaped to suit Mitty absolutely and she looked divine.  Apparently.  So, where there’s a will, they is definitely a way!