The Mutton Looking Like Lamb Scenario

I have a pal who has gone through a phase of buying quite modern stuff and after a little while been thinking that perhaps she might begin to look like mutton dressed up like lamb.   Of course when I mention this to pals and relatives, usually younger ones, they laugh out oud and suggest I’m being silly and probably sexist.   There was a time when every woman over teenage years would look much older than her age.  When I look back to photos of my own mother and grandmother, taken in the 1940s and 50s, it’s impossible to think they were much younger than the ages they actually look.  Whether it’s the clothes or the hair is difficult to tell.  So desperate not to look the opposite of this, my pal now dabbles in the ‘young for her age’ section of the high street stores – on line though, as they have much more choice for tall ladies, of any age!