Unique OnLine Sites Solve Gifting Nightmares

It can b e such a trial to try and get the absolutely perfect present for someone picky, year in year out.  I find this more so with one particular person.  She already has everything you can imagine, and now that she’s in a care home, there is even less need for the range of expensive china ware that used to be bought.  I’ve tried little items of jewelry but the relative is now in the grip of dementia and lives in a world of self inflicted misery making consspiracy theories that all her stuff is being slowly stolen by the staff.  Obviously it’s nonsense.   I find these days that browsing the giftware and homware online sites provides a wealth of uniqueness – thre’s always something a littl ebit quirky and most definitely a cut above what’s in the high street.  It’s worth spending time researching unique gift ideas for all the other difficult folk in your life!