Lockdown Changes Decimate Retail Sales

With so many changes to our clothing and gift purchasing habits these days, there is a definite shift away from meandering up and down the ‘high street’ as we are used to referring to it.  Gone, slowly but surely are those leisurely hours just wandering in to each clothing store, grabbing several items and queuing to try them on in the cramped changing rooms.   The new method, since the easing of lockdown has been to allow shoppers in, a handful at a time, all wearing masks of course.  The clothes can be looked at, but no trying on allowed.  The danger of passing germs on between bodies seems to be the worry.  We are encouraged to buy the items and then bring back for exanchage or refund, any that are not suitable.  This crazy system must be defeating the object of opening a store back up – the advent of online shopping had already decimated the high street and footfall was getting lighter and lighter.  Now there’s no need for the shops at all – we can continue online shopping as we have gotten rather used to.  Sadly.