Wheelchair Mayhem Makes Online Ordering A Breeze

This is most certainly a busy time of year for most of us.  I took out a rather ancient relative recently – she’s not mobile and struggles getting in and out of cars but we managed a sorti to a local garden centre that we know has very extensive stocks of festive cards, calenders etc. etc.  I was fearing the worst – knowing how very fussy she is.  But as it happens, the visit went well from the off with us being able to get a table in the cafe without trouble and being able to choose from a wide menu.  Wooh.    The next stage of looking around the vast indoor show room was painful for both of us . . . until the very diplomatic manager came waltzing over with a robust wheelchair.  Heaven for Aunt and relief for me!  After much debating and opening and rejecting of every kind of card collection,  the required items were eventually selected and paid for.    Once back home, another hour later and after two more stops for things we forgot to mention the first time . . . . .  I thought how much easier it would have been if we’d just called up this wonderful gift site online and just ordered the lot in one fell swoop!