Luuxury Apparel Gives Way To Glamping Gear

As a family, we don’t often go out for new clothes.   When we do, it tends to be en masse when in a holiday town, when we hit the high street or other venue ad splurge.  That usually sees us right for a few years!  I have lately though found a great enjoyment in wandering around the outdoor pursuit stores that have sprung up in huge numbers  all over the country.  We have a very attractive out of town shopping development  here and although the first flush of stors included very high ladies apparel, several of those little satellite stores, they died a tragic death during covid.  With no money passing over, these oulets suffered very badly.  Luxury clothes being the first to be ditched.  Howevfer, the relentless quest to get outside and escape the boredom of being stuck in doors meant that folk turned to the rugged wear outlets.  The need for that snazzy fully stormproof jacket with the tuckaway collar and hood, with sleeves that don’t ride up – life’s new esentials!