Cheery Gifting – What The Doctor Orders

I had occasion to accompany someone to a very famous hospital in Cambridge recently.  The person has been dealt several seemingly unfair blows medically and these recent visits were to make a start on the next round of resorative treatment.  Whilst wandering along the corridors of the mammoth building, we eventually reached the main concourse that held a food and eatery hall, health and beauty shops and gift boutiques.  This seemed very odd to me in a hospital that needs all the space for patients.  But looking again at the very colourful and jazzy displays of wares, it then made perfect sense – why not cheer up a place that could so easily be full of worry and doubt.  Filling these spaces with beautiful things for people to buy for themselves, or more importantly, for their loved one who is in the hospital can really raise the spirit and bring recouperation in it’s own way.