Getting The Hang Of Unspoken Present Code

Nothing puts the pressure on the poor old working guy than the rapidly arriving birthday of the partner /wife / daughter / mother / mother in law . . . .  in fact all of those have been known to fill me with dread over the years.  There are certain unspoken rules that do not get discussed – because they’re supposed to be general knowledge, but only to that hardy band of female recipients . . .  what must and  must not be considered for presents and what must or must not be overlooked.    I have been lucky though in recent years, to have a splendid lady colleague who swears by certain online gift sites for all of her purchases.  She taught me to look at each gift required as being bought for me by others.  What would I like to receive, how would I like it be presented.  Now there is the answer. Gorgeous gifts for the special folk in my life are a sinch!