Picking Up Sales From Two Poor Shopping Seasons

There’s a really splendid store in a particular part of my favourite holiday island.  It’s based on the old swap and barter system.  My girls take in their still very smart and expensive looking but unloved ensembles and dresses, they get a thorough once over from the proprietor and her staff.  Anything less than M&S gets a diplomatic refusal without viewing – lack of space being touted.  There is certainly money to be had in the mediterranean still.  To go clothing shopping, especially online shopping is still an art there.  The stores attract the monied russians and east europeans in vast numbers – with their quaint ways and lack of manners!  It never fails to amaze me how the locals don’t just yell at the rude ruskies and push them out of their stores.  At least if they partake in online shopping, they can’t be seen or heard.   The islands are seriously trying to up their game after two desperately hard years of covid affected lockdowns and tourist problems.  Nows the time to spend, spend, spend!