Make The Most Of Staying At Home Time

Before we went into these extremes of lockdown, where we’re not really allowed out for more than an hour a day for exercise, or to go out for emergency medical or shopping . . . .  we used to be able to browse the shops and take in the sights and sounds of a high street, or out of town shopping mall.   Anyway we have had the opportunity to do things that we’d not done for years, or had never considered before.  Looking at our clothing – why not have a mini cull and sort what’s in the wardrobe that we  never wore a great deal before LD and because we’re living in jeans and sloppy gear, probably wont’ be wearing this side of Christmas.

How To Organise Wardrobe

Take each section – a hand ful of hangers at a time.  Lay articles on the bed.  Put each one on.   Does it still fit;  feel comfortable and  still fashionable – the answer to 2 out of 3 likely to be no.  So sfor anything not going back in as definiely loved and to be worn again, start 3 piles : Charity/Sell/Toss Out.  Remember to put a big label in front of each pile so you recall what each is.

And then when all sorted, you can get back online for the clothing, gifts and the rest of  your online shopping needs!