Being Fleeced At Local Tombola – Dims The Joy

The tombola stall is one that I can’t stand dealing with when we have social gatherings.  It’s not the goods persya but the sort of clientelle that flocks to the tombola and raffle stall do have a bit of a reputation in our village.   There are two or three interbred families that are still very much in evidence – lots of problems still even though they’ve benefitted greatly from help schemes from a variety of socially aware departments.   I’m always jittery and on edge when they rush the hall to get into the event.   They employ the same old tricks too.   Two or three of the younger ones cause some sort of disturbance down one end of the hall and so attention is drawn away from the tables.  They then go fleecing up and down stealing bags, purses, goods off the tables etc.  Although one or two of our officers think it’s great that the family mixes socially – they’re not the ones left red faced at the bank when we’re called in to explain the number of dodgey £20 and £10 notes that are always in the mix!  I do always take care to keep an eye on the stock when I many any table – we always have a nice selection of giftware – brooches, necklaces and very pretty notelets etc.