Online Food Shopping Scuppers Harvest Festival

I was amazed yesterday to see quite so many supermarket delivery vans whizzing about in my area.  It’s not that many years since the very first of these started making their way, tentatively around these parts.  It’s not as though we’re short of big stores to visit but with so many young families being very very busy, it’s no wonder the mums have now decided it’s  just far more convenient to get online and make those regular purchases and have them come to the door.  There’s none of the problem of battling to get the children togged up for a sorti round the food stores.  They carry on playing without any idea just how that next meal got to the table when they next sit down to eat!  In fact it is true that many younger children never see real food in a shop – or on a farm, for that matter.  Everything is ordered online and there’s no need for them to get to the nitty gritty of supply chains.  The interesting thing arises when harvest festival comes round.  No fresh fruit and veg anymore!