A Blooming Fantastic Thank You Gift

I was helping out a family recently – just looking after their home and dog for a few days until the booked carer returned from a longer than planned sojourn of his own.  To help further I cleared a cople of housekeeping chores.  You could say my gift to them in this instance was to acquaint myself with  the superbly furnished laundry room;  the washing machine so modern that I needed to check online for the instructions on how to do the simplest of washing actions.  The clothing came out fine though and after a short air outside on the line, I further enhanced their lives by steam ironing everything in sight.  The mum came home from her hols to find the Ironing Fairy had indeed waved her wand – a dozen bright white school shirts;  her three nurse uniform jackets; trousers, tea towels.  Everything.  Now as a thank you gift to me, she had sent a wonderful pack of flowers that came really well packaged and ‘asleep’.  I had a small book of instructions on how to deal with each bloom to get the best possible display.    The display lived on for just over 3 weeks!  To say it was Gorgeous was a total understatement and I am now hooked on this companies products!