Author: Dennis Clarke

Getting The Hang Of Unspoken Present Code

Nothing puts the pressure on the poor old working guy than the rapidly arriving birthday of the partner /wife / daughter / mother / mother in law . . . .  inf act all of those have been known to fill me with dread over the years.  There are certain unspoken rules that do not […]

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Alternative Therapy From Online Clothes & Gift Sites

Retail therapy is a phrase you hear banded about all the time.  Whenever I listen to consumer programmes designed to protect us all from the scammers, wise guys and othe criminals, there are articles on folk who have run into massive debt and have problems sorting it.  All because it is very easy to get […]

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Browsing Joy Enhances Retail Therapy

Oh the many happy hours I have spent out and about in various towns looking at the boutiques and smaller clothing outlets.  I love trying on clothes – it must be said that I would be buying so many more if the purse strings were just that bit more relaced!  However, there is a way […]

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